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The Lewinskies

The Lewinskies are a husband and wife duo based on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. Kristen (Hatt) Lewis sings, plays the accordion and composes music. Matthew Lewis accompanies on the guitar.



News & Updates

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Up coming shows

Shows in England are with John Reed & The Folded Arms

May 12th 2018  Norley Village Hall, Frodsham -England

May 13th 2018  Luvenshulme Old Library -England

Recording w/ Ali Karim- @HeyGamal - Manchester on John Reed & The Folded Arms- The Breeding Ground Of Vile

May 16th 2018  The Fuse- Music & Canadian Film Night                   England

May 17th 2018  The Bean & Brush, Sale - England

May 18th 2018  Pentworthham LIVE Festival - England

May 19th 2018  Gig In The Woods - TBA - England

May 19th 2018  Pentworthham LIVE Festival - England               

May 20 2018    Todmorden Unitarian Church - England

June 22 2018   Privateer Days- Liverpool, Nova Scotia            

Aug 11th /18 The Port Grocer - Port Medway, Nova Scotia

with Marc Montanchez & poet Cory Lavender 5-9pm

Sept 29th /18 Afterglow Art Festival- Bridgewater, NS 6:30 - 7:15

Oct 3rd /18 'Yesterday We Had Everything' celebration  at The Carlton - Halifax, Nova Scotia. Opening music from Marc Montanchez with host poet/comedian Josh Dunn. 8pm $6.

Nov 18th/18 New Scotland Yard - Dartmouth, NS 2-4

FALL 2019- Canadian Tour with, master accordion player, Alejandro Brittes from Brazil.

FALL 2020- Lewinskies tour with Alejandro Brittes in Brazil & Argentina!!


The Lewinskies released their first LIVE album 'Good For All' in the Fall 2016. Recorded at The Echo Chamber in Halifax with Charles Wishart Austin. This debut recording features Phil Sedore on clarinet and Gabe Minnikin on back up vocals. The full length album is on iTunes, records and cds are available from the artists when you contact .  


The Lewinskies returned from time spent in Manchester, England 2017 where they experienced recording with Ali Kareem, @HeyGamal, and toured with musicians from all over England including Matt Steady, Chique, Cathouse Blues Band and John Reed & the Folded Arms. They took part in a festival called Viva Musica at The Fuse in Manchester. This festival was educational and an interactive experience including art, experimental music and performance.

The Lewinskies just recorded their second full length album on Nov 19 2017. They worked with Diego Medina at The Old Confidence Lodge & Charles Austin from The Echo Chamber HFX. Their second recording was captured LIVE and features Geoff Arsenault on drums and Tom Easley on stand up bass. Other Nova Scotian & British musicians adding tracks to the recording such as Matt Steady on violin (UK), Phil Sedore on clarinet (NS), Betty Belmore on vocals (NS), Emma Perry & Kate Ferris on vocals (UK), John Reed with spoken word (UK). The Lewinskies have wrapped up the last details of recording and have released their new music in England! 

Great times with musical friends in England. The Lewisnkies recorded with John Reed & @HeyGamal. The Lewinskies have toured again in Northern England 2018 with friends Matt Steady on violin and John Reed & The Folded Arms, Sam Jefferson and Duncan Reed! The band is making plans to make it back to the UK in May 2019 along with a small tour in Ireland!!

The Lewinskies are excited to announce the celebration for their new recording 'Yesterday We Had Everything' on October 3rd at The Carlton in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They will welcome featured artists Geoff Arsenault on drums and Tom Easley on bass. Opening music from Marc Montanchez will warm hearts. Mc for the evening will be poet and comedian Josh Dunn. Words will begin at 8pm. Cover $6. 

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Good For All

by The Lewinskies


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Yesterday We Had Everything

Newly Released this fall! Full album available now through this website (physical cd) and digitally through iTunes!